Good Saturday Readers!

Today’s OOTD post is from 2 days ago, and consist of me going to work. It was a very cloudy day in NY, so my mood was as gloomy as the weather. Well a bit. And so on with this post, as you can see I kept a casual look. If you have read from my intro post (This is Rosie…) then you should know where I work, if you haven’t read it, then I am working at a Fitness Bootcamp. So there for, I need to dress comfortably.

What I’m wearing

| Tahari Blazer (that my Mom was trying to get rid off, but I came to the rescue) |

|H&M T-Shirt | Pacsun Skinny Jean |

| Converse Platform Sneakers | H&M Tote | Jewelry Vintage |

        DSC_0716       DSC_0733 DSC_0744

You’ll probably wondering “Why she’s so serious for?” well, I woke up on the wrong side of bed, and it’s kinda hard to hide how I feel thru my face 🙂 . LOL. I will also like to blame it on the weather.




At the end, all you got to do is S.M.I.L.E. and your day will brighten up it self.

Leave a comment, and tell me what do you do to feel better on a GLOOMY DAY?

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XO. Rosie

Pictures by: Well Dressed Geek

This is Rosie…

DSC_0019-3 copy


Hello there,

I’m Rosmery “Rosie” Guerra (the other twin :)). I am the photographer/makeup artist/stylist/writer of the three, I guess you can say. I enjoy wearing many different hats, but currently I am working at a Fitness Bootcamp, as a Front Desk Administrator 🙂
My style…
What can I tell you about my personal style? Well if Alexander Wang + Yves Saint Laurant + Rachel Zoe + Lorde + Rachel Bilson had a baby, it would of been me. I love anything black, tailored, menswear, feminine-ish with an edge.
One thing that my sisters and I share in common is our love for fashion and our fun size silhouette. That’s when Ozzy got the grand idea of creating a Fashion Brand for Petite Women, Gertrude + Sly, as for now we are starting of with this blog, and we’re inviting you to join us on this journey on starting up our brand.
We have so much great ideas, and we can’t wait to share it with you. So fasten your seatbelt, cause it’s going to be a long, bumpy ride. More like a roller-coaster ride, lol.
Don’t be afraid to be a weirdo, with love…
Twitter: Rosie_Guerra
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