Lady in Red


Hello readers,

Today’s post is a special one, well at least for me it is and this is because this is the first OOTD post that features a garment (in this case the dress) that I made!

The dress was inspired by my mother, I have always thought she is a classy lady. Like my sister Ozzy I had to dress a little conservative for a birthday party that I was attending with my father (you would know this if you would have read yesterday’s post.) The dress is in a stretch knit fabric that was very pleasant to wear on a hot day.

To give my look a bit of a “Didi” twist I paired it off with a black pearl necklace and draping chains. I also wear my favorite summer sandals, a pair of BCBG Generations strappy black sandals  and a vegan envelope clutch.

Hope you like and I will keep creating more garments as I learn how to sew more…

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